They say that the one constant in life is change, and this academic year has definitely been about change.

I will be finishing at the University of Saskatchewan on January 31st. I have accepted a two-year position as a Curriculum Development Consultant at Ryerson University, in Toronto, starting in February.

In the fall, I also got to experience being a student again, and seeing the classroom experience “from the rows” after years of being “at the front” and working with instructors through consultations and classroom observations. The experiences add to the lenses through which I could see alignment, expectations, engagement and communication manifest in our classrooms.

Last Friday I also facilitated my last (for the foreseeable future) TA training session. It is where I started on this journey as an educational developer and there have been many such sessions throughout almost 12 years.

I wish you all the best in your journeys as well, which even when not easy may they be one of our greatest teachers.


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