SoTL is the short name for scholarship of teaching and learning, encompasses all forms, method and topics of inquiry related to the courses and programs we teach in. It is about evidencing and evaluating the changes we are making, the innovations we are trying, and the goals we are hoping for. I’ve curated here some of my favourite SoTL Resources for those looking to get started in SoTL, diving into a new topic (hint – see the annotated database), or enjoying the growing diversity and deep implications of this work. If you got a particularly knotty SoTL question, contact me.

My Favourite SoTL Resources

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Annotated Database  is an excellent collection of curated studies and readings with brief descriptions of key articles on a particular topic. Led by Nicola Simmons, the ever-expanding list by talented contributors includes key readings for more than 95 topics including authentic assessment, blended learning, large classes, gamification, student peer-review, universal design. There is also a great set of resources defining SoTL.
  • MRU’s Institute for SoTL’s resource page is one on the most up-to-date listing of journals, organizations, methods books, and links to exemplar studies.
  • Mark MacLean & Gary Poole’s article “An Introduction to Ethical Considerations for Novices to Research in Teaching and Learning in Canada” (2010, open-source, free) is my go-to practical SoTL-focused primer on ethics including the dual role for those new and those reflecting on the challenges of researching our own teaching.